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Results Driven Group

Results Driven Group

The company was founded by Chris Goodwin. The business idea came from Chris’s understanding of both the private and public sector and the needs of his existing clients, which was far wider than he could provide personally. He did not want to fall into the trap of ‘trying to do everything’ so he set about forming alliances with a number of experts in their fields. The name ‘Results Driven Group’ was chosen because it reflected his desire and passion to get results for his clients.


The profiles of the partners and the testimonials from our clients contained in this website, demonstrate that Chris has achieved his objectives and our clients are getting the results they require.

Our Mission

Our mission is business and organisational transformation, to turn average companies into high performers.

We understand that to achieve this, you have to address a range of issues and business problems. We all recognise that different intervention approaches are required to achieve success for our clients: consulting, coaching, training and outsourcing. What has set us apart from many of our competitors is that we have experts in all of the key areas that typically challenge a leader and offer a broad range of solutions to those challengers. The ‘partners’ who provide services for the group’s clients, work with a range of diverse organisations, both in the public and private sectors, from medium to large organisations.


View our courses

Results Driven Group (RDG) has put together a diverse selection of courses to assist and develop business professionals and entrepreneurs. With a consistently proven track record over many years, you can be assured of receiving the highest support and tuition available from our instructors across the entire course catalogue.

Why Choose Us?

At RDT we specialise in bespoke skills development solutions. With over 20 years experience in the training and development arena, we have established an excellent reputation for the delivery of highly customised and flexible training. We have built our success upon our ability to listen, offer flexibility and pay attention to detail in the whole service that we offer to our customers.

We believe that a successful service provider should work in an on-going partnership with its client and that is exactly why our customers come back to us time and time again. Our experienced Account Managers will work with you to establish the appropriate approach to address your organisational and business needs.

We have an extensive client base including many ‘blue chip’ companies which range from large corporate to SMEs, to Government Authorities and many more. Our range of courses is delivered across 200 different sectors throughout the UK.

We were chosen by Parliamentary Projects to take part in a documentary called ‘Best Practice in People Management’ because of the work we are currently undertaking and have done with our clients.

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