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What is the RDG Price Promise?

At RDG, we are committed to providing you an incredible selection of open residential courses for you to choose from, and outstanding customer service – all while still offering the best prices!

We do that with the RDG Price Promise, which is our commitment to be never beaten on price on our open or bespoke residential courses. It’s our commitment to work hard to keep our prices consistently the best, not just to match a competitor’s price if a customer tells us about it.

Specifically, our promise to you is this:

We'll do the work!

We will comparison shop on your behalf and match any lower price we find. Just like you, we want to know RDG has the best prices around. So we try really hard to monitor all our key competitors and will match their prices if we find they are lower. We do the work to ensure we are never beaten on price, so you don’t have to.

Let us know!

If we are ever beaten on price, tell us and we will match that lower price. We don’t want you to ever find a lower price elsewhere, but despite our best efforts it can happen. So if you do find a lower price, inclusive or not of promotional offers and voucher discounts, let us know so we can match it.

You will get the savings on that item when you purchase – not through vouchers on future purchases.

Note we cannot match training provider out there, but we try to match all of the major ones you’ve heard of and many of the smaller ones you haven’t.


We'll refund the difference!

We will refund the difference if you find a lower price up to 7 days after purchase. We’d be annoyed if soon after buying something we then found it cheaper elsewhere, and we think you would be too. So if you find after purchasing from us a lower price at one of our key competitors, let us know and we will refund you the difference.

Note we typically can provide you an immediate refund, but some payment methods do not allow this, in which case we will provide you a voucher discount on a future purchase.

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